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Star Reader Review

Company: Reannaissance Learning
Assessment: Yes
Instruction: No
Grades: K-12
Subject: Reading
Delivery: CD-ROM
Assessment takes 10 min; therefore low accuracy. Report looks at phonics and comprehension only. Many users find that it is so inaccurate as to be unusable. Basically, produces a reading level for placement into Accelerated Reader. See Accelerated Reader Review for more information. On a positive note, the tests are short so students can take it often. Doesn't diagnose reading issues. DORA can provide a reading level as well. Here is a chart that shows how to use DORA Lexile scores in lieu of the Star Reader.
DORA placement conversion table into Accelerated Reader

  1. Tammy Beckstead
    Reply 08/04/08
    I agree. I found the Star test to be very inaccurate. Students' levels would change from 1-2 grades per week.

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