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Read 180 Review

Company: Scholastic
Assessment: Yes
Instruction: Yes
Grades: 6-12
Subject: Reading
Delivery: Paper, CD-ROM, Online
Read 180 is a comprehension and vocabulary secondary program. Moves students between small groups and computer activities. Basic assessment takes 10-15 minutes tests reading level using Lexile (SRI assessment). Assessment tests vocabulary integrated into passages to determine reading level which biases against ESL students. This program was not designed for students with decoding issues. In practice, it is hard to implement. Requires a top notch teacher to keep everything running. Scholastic has a nationwide network of trainers because of the integral need for professional development with Read 180. Read 180 is a very expensive program. Let's Go Learn customers, who have completed a DORA diagnostic assessment, would put students with DORA profile C or D into Read 180.

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