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Scholastic Math Inventory (SMI)

Company: Scholastic
Assessment: Yes
Instruction: No
Grades: 2 - 8
Subject: Math
Delivery: Online
SMI is a quick, computer-adaptive math assessment that will provide immediate data for universal screening and progress monitoring. Scholastic will advertise that it can be used for instructional decision-making but this is stetch.* Given the fact that it is only a screener, the depth of its results is very shallow. The SMI produces a single score called a Quantile score. This is an integer that ranges from 220 to 1140. Because many salespeople like to advertise the SMI as a diagnostic assessment, we've included a comparison of the Let's Go Learn ADAM assessment with the SMI. (

* Scholastic advertises the single Quantile score as predictive of individual students’ needs across different strands of mathematics. In essence, this is using data on large groups of students to make predictions about individual students. To many psychometricians, doing so breaks a cardinal rule that data on the many cannot predict data on the individual. To the teacher, it opposes the fundamental understanding that students (especially at-risk students) are individuals with individual needs.

  1. Todd Rogers
    Reply 07/11/17
    We use SMI in our middle school and it works great as a fast screener. In our initial training, the trainer tried to emphasize that the data could help us create groups but I tend to disagree. The data is summative. I think the confusion about whether SMI is diagnostic exists because some people believe an assessment is diagnostic if it is used as a pre and post assessment. We do use the SMI three times a year so in that sense one could argue that it is diagnostic. But I understand this posting. In the true sense of the word, the SMI is not diagnostic. We are now starting to look at ADAM for our remedial math classes and with students with IEPs. We like it so far. Very detailed data.

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