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Smart Tutor

Company: Learning Today
Assessment: Yes
Instruction: Yes
Grades: K-5
Subject: Reading, Math
Delivery: Online
Learning Today and Let's Go Learn have a partnership in place. Let's Go Learn licensed the instructional files from Learning Today to use in its Unique Reader and Unique Math products. The lessons are the same. Where the products differ are in the assessments. Let's Go Learn uses it DORA and DOMA basic math skills fully diagnostic assessments to place students into instruction. Learning Today uses its own assessment which is geared towards only placing students into lessons. Let's Go Learn's assessments provide data and analysis on each student that can be used above and beyond the linked instruction. Many of Let's Go Learn's customers use DORA or DOMA first to assess a larger pool of students. Then the schools will assign Unique Reader or Unique Math to the specific students who would benefit from its instruction. Smart Tutor customers cannot deploy in this manner because Smart Tutor's assessment is limited to placing students into Smart Tutor instruction. Smart Tutor is also known as Prescriptive Instruction which is a rebranding sold by Educational Resources.

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