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Student Intervention Monitoring System (SIMS)

Company: Madison Metropolitan School District
Assessment: No
Instruction: No
Grades: K-12
Subject: Monitoring System
Delivery: Web
The Madison Metropolitian School District in Wisconson built this web-based data management system to track interventions (and more) given to students in their district across all of its schools. This system provides progress monitoring in the form of allowing teachers and administrators to enter in notes on individual or groups of students. The issue that initiated this project was the necessity to track what intervention was being given to students. In order to document all intervention history, this system was born. It categorizes interventions by subject and allows for powerful reporting. The key though is for this system to be totally embraced. If teachers do not enter in what they are doing with students then the system will not be as useful.

This system is supposedly being made available to any other Wisconsin district that wishes to use it.

Below is the login page which is easily found using Google. There is a sample login listed on the left nav bar which will allow one to browser a ficticious school.

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