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Company: University of Oregon
Assessment: Yes
Instruction: No
Grades: K-3
Subject: Reading
Delivery: Paper, online data management by third parties
This is a free paper assessment that must be administered one on one to students by a teacher. Thus, open to teacher-testing error and bias! Tests phonological awareness, nonsense word fluency, and fluency with connected text. This is considered to be early reading. Schools can pay $1 per student per year to be able to enter raw data and get report generation. The DORA automatically scores all tests and results are immediate. DIBELS doesn't look at as many measures and also isn't as thorough. It is considered a "screening" test by the authors of the test where our assessment is a true "diagnostic" assessment. See full analysis on main sales tool page. Sopris West prints paper versions of DIBELS that schools may purchase.
Comparison chart of DORA and DIBELS
Detailed DORA and DIBELS Comparison Report

  1. Steven Jensen
    Reply 08/04/08
    Working with upper elementary struggling readers. DIBELS tended to focus on only certain reading skills and was very labor intensive. Good for monitoring but not for diagnosing the problem which by grades 4-5 can be a number of issues. DORA was purchased by our school. Love it! I test all kids in the lab and then I have detailed reports on each. If necessary I may do some additional follow up with specific students.

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