Reading is a complex process, Dr. McCallum explains. In an informative half hour lecture suitable for any adult audience, Dr. Richard McCallum from the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley, provides an introduction to reading theory. For parents or guardians helping a child to read at home, a video of this lecture is available for free on the Let’s Go Learn YouTube channel. McCallum is one of the co-founders of Let’s Go Learn, Inc., a 20-year-old company providing online tools for reading and math assessment and instruction.

McCallum’s lecture provides a top level view of what allows humans to read, how reading knowledge develops, and how reading can improve through healthy strategies. McCallum begins by explaining that reading is part of basic human language function, and involves physiological, social, psychological, and developmental variables.

According to Let’s Go Learn’s CEO, Richard Capone, the video was created “2 years after founding Let’s Go Learn with Dr. McCallum. It is a great way to really understand how people learn to read! Dr. McCallum literally did this same explanation for me on a paper napkin in 1999 at Fat Apples in Berkeley as the idea for Let’s Go Learn was developing.”

Let’s Go Learn ELA assessments diagnostically evaluate each student’s reading abilities while providing the highest level of reliability and accuracy. By employing revolutionary adaptive logic, Let’s Go Learn’s assessments maximize the information obtained about each student while minimizing test-taking time and anxiety. The granular data captured throughout every assessment provides educators with a comprehensive and actionable picture of each learner.