From Assessment to Instruction

Today’s online learning landscape is a confusing sea of possibilities for families who need to provide instruction at home. Let’s Go Learn provides groundbreaking, personalized help to allow your student to succeed and find his/her path through this ocean. A basic plan could look like this: Assess a baseline: Get a baseline of where

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Free Video Course Introducing Reading Theory

Reading is a complex process, Dr. McCallum explains. In an informative half hour lecture suitable for any adult audience, Dr. Richard McCallum from the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley, provides an introduction to reading theory. For parents or guardians helping a child to read at home, a video of

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The History of LetsGoLearn

Let’s Go Learn began as an effort to bring an academic reading model to the digital age. With the World Wide Web reaching mass market in the late 1990s, Dr. Richard McCallum of UC Berkeley took his reading and literacy development program and partnered with technologist Richard Capone to create a web version of

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Special Needs Students May Struggle As Schools Close

Now that students are home using online learning strategies provided by their schools, new educational challenges are emerging. Schools are struggling to maintain equity with all students learning from home, with some kids requiring accommodations, special services, and English language help. Students with disabilities are likely to have some of the most challenges in

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Distance Learning “For All”

As shelter in place guidelines continue throughout the nation and schools gear up with online education, many states are putting out guidelines to help teachers and families understand what that online education should look like. Equity issues continue to be at the forefront of online education guidelines. Since it would be nearly impossible for

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Challenges of Providing Online Education

Challenges of Providing Online Education Preparing good online learning takes time. Most US K-12 schools have been pushed into online learning with no preparation and no experience. This means teachers who are facing the challenges of providing online education are suddenly trying to teach kids who have little experience using online learning. And UCLA

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First Steps in Online Learning and COVID-19

Schools around the world have closed due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. As of this week, all 50 states in the U.S. have some school districts closed, and 45 states have all schools closed. hosts a live, updated map of school closures which includes information on when schools expect to open,

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What is Diagnostic Assessment Anyway?

When you are trying to discover exactly how a student is doing, a good diagnostic assessment will give granular information across many different skills and subskills, so that a personalized plan can be created. What is a diagnostic assessment, and how does it differ from other types of assessments such as formative or summative

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