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Online Assessment and Instruction

Online Assessments

Reading Assessment

Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment (DORA) is a K-12 measure that provides objective, individualized assessment data across eight reading measures that together profile each student's reading abilities and prescribe individual learning paths.
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DORA Phonemic Awareness, ideal for non-readers or struggling readers, measures nine phonemic awareness skills using audio and picture-only items, for a thorough assessment of oral phonemic awareness skills.
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DORA Spanish/EDELL is a powerful, diagnostic online assessment of student Spanish reading abilities.  DORA Spanish/EDELL provides an effective means of comparing students’ first language Spanish abilities with their developing second language English reading skills, and allows parents and teachers to best utilize those Spanish reading skills to further develop English reading skills.
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Math Assessment

ADAM (Adaptive, Diagnostic Assessment of Mathematics) K-7: Designed specifically to be fully aligned with the Common Core Standards, ADAM assess across 44 constructs within NCTM's five instructional strands.
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DOMA Pre-Algebra intelligently assesses students in 14 Pre-Algebra constructs and follows with a detailed roadmap for remediation/instruction.
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DOMA Algebra intelligently assesses students in 11 Algebra constructs and follows with a detailed roadmap for remediation/instruction.
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Reading & Comprehension Instruction

LGL ELA Edge provides students with foundational English Language Arts instruction at the K to 6th level. After completing a DORA assessment, each student is assigned a customized 60-lesson course.
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Math Instruction

LGL Math Edge fills students' math gaps by creating customized 60-lesson courses. Lessons are pulled from hundreds of options that span the K to 9th grade instructional levels. Each student is assigned the exact lessons that he or she needs.
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Class Instruction

LGL Edge Whiteboard Edition: The same great instruction you love in the LGL Edge Series is now available for whole-class instruction!
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