Why Let's Go Learn?


Data-Driven Personalized Learning

Let's Go Learn provides innovative online tools to drive long-term, measurable academic success using a central hub of efficient, research-based diagnostic assessment, personalized learning, program placement, and historic data storage.

We have provided assessment and instruction to over 8 million students worldwide! LGL has been serving parents, school districts, learning/tutoring centers, charter schools, and private schools since 2000.

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How it works


Let's Go Learn's robust student management system is flexible enough to allow administration to a single student all the way to many classrooms of students.

This web-based system gives you complete access to student/class management, assessment/instruction progress monitoring, and reporting.


Powered by the OAASIS (Online Adaptive Assessment System for Individual Students) platform, Let's Go Learn's reading and math assessment solutions adapt to students as they respond to each question, getting harder or easier as needed to complete the diagnosis.

Start levels vary depending on the age of the user, and elementary, middle, and high school graphical interfaces exist in order to engage students of all ages. Assessments continue until each individual's ceiling of performance is reached on each subskill.


Detailed assessment reports are available in teacher, parent, and summary formats and can be printed or saved as pdf documents!

Our comprehensive reports provide your student's performance by sub-test and gives appropriate instructional recommendations.


Diagnostic assessment with individualized instruction equals accelerated student learning!

The LGL EDGE series provides differentiated instruction based on your student's assessment. Immediately after the assessment, students who qualify for instruction are automatically transitioned into powerful online lessons, addressing only the skills that each student requires.