Dr. Kurt Hulett, First Special Education Thought Leader Appointed to CEC Board of Directors

Kensington, CA, July 8, 2022—Let’s Go Learn, Inc. announced today that the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) has appointed Dr. Kurt E. Hulett to the CEC Board of Directors. Dr. Hulett is the first “Thought Leader” to be appointed to the board in its 100-plus year history.

A leading special education author and child advocate in the area of special education, Dr. Hulett serves on a number of executive boards supporting the advancement of the rights for children with disabilities in public education. He formerly served as the Vice President of Special Education Services for Let’s Go Learn. He trains both general and special education teachers throughout the United States on legal aspects of special education. In addition, he trains principals and central office administrators in the utilization of both best practices and legal approaches to special education management. Dr. Hulett is the author of numerous publications, including the text “Legal Aspects of Special Education” and his most recent release in 2021,“Miles to Equity” with Dr. Jim Terry.

Dr. Kurt Hulett

Chad Rummel, Executive Director of CEC, announced, “We are excited to welcome Dr. Hulett’s decades of experience in the schools, in the profession, and in CEC, as he joins the CEC Board of Directors as a thought leader. I am confident that the vantage point he has with his current line of work brings in a unique perspective, making him the perfect person to help us in our efforts to elevate and celebrate both CEC and those educators working with individuals with disabilities.”

Dr. Hulett said, “I am extremely excited and honored to be a part of the CEC team. CEC continues to be the single most impactful and influential organization impacting the rights of students with disabilities, and ensuring their access to a free and appropriate public education in the United States today. I can’t think of a more meaningful and significant way to continue my personal and professional mission of protecting the principles of IDEA than being a part of the CEC community.”

Dr. Hulett has spent over 20 years in public education, serving at every level of the educational enterprise – including special education teacher, assistant principal, principal, and leadership roles at both the central office and state levels. He has also served in executive roles and consulted for a multitude of companies including Harcourt Assessment, Pearson Assessment, McGraw Hill, and a number of other corporate entities. His extensive experience with public education, private corporations, and non-profits give him a unique insight into the critical and highly nuanced relationships between all three entities.

About Let’s Go Learn, Inc.

Let’s Go Learn is a personalized learning company that focuses primarily on K-12 special education, MTSS, and intervention programming and support. For special education, the solution consists of adaptive, diagnostic assessments for reading and mathematics. The intent of the assessments is to provide maximum data for IEP writing, special education reporting designed to develop PLAAFP’s, annual goals, short-term objectives, track student progress on a regular basis, and link student deficits to specially-designed instruction. Each student receives a customizable, individualized learning plan aligned to his or her specific needs. For MTSS, Let’s Go Learn utilizes diagnostic assessments to determine the needs of each student. Different from quick screeners, Let’s Go Learn immediately determines student deficits, needs, and causal relationships to lower performance. The solution offers pin-pointed instruction that addresses each deficit area and provides targeted interventions in each of the three tiers of increasing intensity.

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