Empower students to own their learning journey through math.

Provide online diagnostic assessment, reporting, and prescriptive instruction to all K-9 learners

Let’s Go Learn’s personalized learning solution, LGL Math Edge, provides learners with engaging, personalized K-9 math instruction across over 300 gamified and interactive lessons. The solution allows teachers to immediately implement personalized learning and provide targeted math activities to support their existing classroom learning initiatives. LGL Math Edge allows teachers to lower the threshold for personalized learning, and operationalize enrichment, intervention, and instruction. After students engage in the platform, educators can access actionable reports by student, classroom, or site, to inform learning plans, determine support efforts, and elevate conversations with stakeholders.

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Leverage actionable data from the start

Let’s Go Learn employs research-based diagnostic assessments, grounded in a solid approach that mirrors how a teacher would teach a student. Nearly fifty points define each student’s zone of proximal development (ZPD). These points place students within parallel instructional paths of scope and sequenced skills. While lessor assessment use predictive algorithms, LGL does not have to guess due to missing data. Our assessments know exactly what students can and cannot do. LGL Math Edge develops a personalized learning path for each student and creates individual prescriptive instructional plans for teachers.

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Personalize instruction tailored to each learner’s needs

LGL Math Edge uses the same instructional points identified during the assessment to generate an engaging, personalized course for each student.

Throughout each personalized math course, the solution provides explicit instruction across difficult concepts via animations, songs, and graphics. Students feel engaged with content as they learn each skill and seize opportunities to prove their knowledge during gamified instructional quizzes. As students work through the courses, the responsive platform employs direct instructional feedback. If an answer is incorrect, a learner can understand why and practice the right steps for mastery.

Obtain transparency into each student’s learning trajectory

As students work within LGL Math Edge, all progress is captured within the platform and instantly available for stakeholders to review in an easy-to-understand, actionable data report.

Teachers can explore sharable reports for an individual student or for the whole class, and use data to plan teacher-directed whole-class instruction or target skill gaps for scaffolding.

With great access to rich, actionable data, stakeholders can leverage this information to develop PLAAFPS and IEPs, or elevate conversations about progress during parent meetings.

Ensure mastery of skills with research-based instruction that adapts to skill gaps and provides practice opportunities.

LGL Math Edge Key Features at-a-Glance
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