Enrichment Classrooms

Identify advanced students’ instructional points & automatically generate accelerated instruction.

Support advanced students’ learning goals

Build ideal enrichment classrooms using Let’s Go Learn’s data-driven diagnostic assessments to personalize learning plans. Research has indicated that students are most successful when they engage in content aligned to their zone of proximal development (ZPD). Working at the right level allows students to remain challenged and engaged, without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged by new content. With Let’s Go Learn’s diagnostic assessments, educators can ensure that students are working within the most appropriate ZPD, and provide the most beneficial enrichment classrooms to help meet student learning needs.

Let’s Go Learn’s individualized instruction can help gifted and talented students meet learning goals at their pace. The formative nature of instruction allows these students to access advanced instructional material when they are ready.

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Zone of Proximal Development
The Exponent Rules Edge Lesson on iPad

Quickly promote individualized learning

By providing an accelerated environment, Let’s go Learn ensures that students remain focused and engaged during instruction time. In order to provide the right material to each student, LGL’s assessments immediately identify each student’s strengths using a research-based diagnostic that measures ELA and math skills. The platform leverages granular data captured during assessments and instruction to inform learning, and provides each student with the tools necessary to thrive. Let’s Go Learn offers innovative web-based assessments and instructional solutions for students of all age groups and skill levels. With data captured in the math and reading assessment solutions, teachers can easily measure, monitor, and support accelerated learning.

Ensure students are working in the appropriate ZPD to stay engaged and successful.

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