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Obtain academic diagnostic tools for students in therapy services.

Gain critical insight into student needs with advanced diagnostic assessments

Let’s Go Learn allows therapists and area specialists to obtain detailed data reports that not only identify student academic strengths and gaps, but also provide insight into the reasons behind those results.

  • Easy to understand reports in math and reading
  • Common data points to share with parents and students
  • Multiple-measured assessments that dive deeply and answer questions
  • Vertically scaled to measure growth over time
  • Online, valid, reliable, and easy to use
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Our Math Solutions

Math Diagnostic Assessments

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Personalized Math Instruction

Empower students to own their learning journey through math.

LGL Math Edge >

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Our Reading Solutions

Reading Diagnostic Assessments

Looks at multiple measures in reading to provide a broad understanding of strengths and weaknesses.

Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment (DORA) >
DORA Phonemic Awareness >
DORA Spanish/EDELL >

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Personalized ELA Instruction

Drive reading success with adaptive, personalized instruction.

LGL ELA Edge >

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Key Benefits for Therapists & Specialists

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