About Us

We work to create a positive trajectory for each student with effective, data-driven personalized learning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop solutions that are practical and easily sustained in today’s educational climate, providing students with the support necessary to ensure long-term success.

Our History

In 2000, technologist Richard Capone and renowned reading expert, Dr. Richard McCallum, of UC Berkeley California founded Let’s Go Learn, Inc. (LGL) with an initial vision to determine why students struggled in reading and how to better inform teachers on how to support student learning.

Shortly after its inception, Let’s Go Learn received a grant from the US Department of Education to compare its reading assessment product stand-alone assessment system with one-on-one assessments offered by highly-trained specialists in the CalReads program. This study provided statistical proof that Let’s Go Learn’s online assessments do indeed work as designed; automating the assessment process and producing expert-level reading profiles in a scalable manner that leads to effective data-driven instruction.

Over the last two decades, Let’s Go Learn has evolved to include diagnostic math assessments, adaptive math and reading instruction, and leadership training services to its users. Let’s Go Learn’s products have been statistically validated for reliability and are aligned with Common Core and state standards.

Pioneers in Adaptive Assessment and Curriculum

Let’s Go Learn is a pioneer in computer-adaptive assessments.  We’ve been diagnostically assessing students for 22+ years!

PRODUCTS – Let’s Go Learn’s products have been statistically validated for reliability and are aligned with State Standards
ASSESSMENTS – LGL diagnostic math & reading assessments administered worldwide
LESSONS COMPLETED – Total LGL Edge lessons completed in 2022
INSTRUCTION HOURS – Total hours spent using LGL Edge Series for personalized instruction in 2022
Our Goals Today

By combining cutting-edge technology with best practices in education, Let’s Go Learn provides top quality, research-based resources to the educational community. Each day we strive to:

Our Future

We will continue to build a seamless, bidirectional cycle of granular assessment and individual instruction

1 Year

2 Years

3 Years

Complete phase one of real-time progress monitoring systems

All students in the platform will be part of the continuous bi-directional Let’s Go Learn data stream

LGL will integrate any third-party assessment or instruction into a real-time student data model

Our Pledge
Student Privacy Pledge

Let’s Go Learn is a signatory to the Student Privacy Pledge 2020, created by the Future of Privacy Forum and The Software & Information Industry Association. This voluntary pledge for K-12 school service providers covers a wide variety of student data collection and handling privacy issues. Click the icon to learn more about the Student Privacy Pledge 2020.

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