Special Education Platform

K-12 Online Assessments, Reporting, and Customized Learning Paths

Our next-generation special education software tools:

  • Identify gaps and present levels for your IEPs
  • Ensure all annual goals are standards-based
  • Automate SDI for each student in ELA and Math
  • Ensure progress monitoring supports teachers and compliance requirements
  • Support remote and in-class learning and teaching
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5-Step SPED PD Model

Step 1: Assessment identifies each student’s learning gaps and present levels (PLAAFP)

Step 2: Decreases teacher individual education program (IEP) writing time by 50% with narrative and standards-based data

Step 3: Data-driven specially designed instruction (SDI) to address skill gaps

Step 4: Teachers easily queue up weekly, monthly, or quarterly quizzes or assessments

Step 5: Turn-key tracking, monitoring of annual goals, and adjustment of learning paths

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Why Next-Gen LGL? Let our customers explain!

“Students at the Boys & Girls Club of the Suncoast love Let’s Go Learn lessons. They have music and animation and are like games! The more they play, the more they learn!”

Julie Christman, Director of Literacy, Boys & Girls Club of the Suncoast

“Let’s Go Learn is a lifesaver. They have assessments that diagnose gaps and automatically place students at the best instructional level. Plus there are built-in formative assessments and progress monitoring that allow me to focus on what each student needs.”

Jennifer Salazar, Teacher, Waco, Texas ISD

Monitor progress and meet compliances

Once annual goals and short-term objectives have been established, LGL’s Formative Assessment suite and Active Pulse Progress Monitoring solutions allow educators to track progress across specific skills for each student. Unlike other approaches, educators can track student progress as frequently as necessary, and to a great depth of granularity. This real-time, actionable data ensures the highest degree of regulatory compliance, instructional quality, and ease of use for teachers.  

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Access principal and leader training in special education

Let’s Go Learn equips principals and IEP leaders with all of the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the legal and educational challenges of the special education process. With highly engaging, in-person, online, and blended professional development opportunities, educators can customize the learning experience by choosing from a menu of professional development opportunities. Each user can choose from a wide range of modules, sessions, and lengths of time.

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