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Support and operationalize district initiatives for all stakeholders with custom-tailored solutions.

Consultative services from the classroom to the boardroom

Let’s Go Learn’s consultative services division helps you translate your vision into action. Each team member of your organization will know what THEY need to do and how to do it. As developers of new educational technologies, we understand how to merge organizational change with breakthrough technologies.

Here is a sampling of the services Let’s Go Learn provides:

“We recognize the unique needs that define a district or school. Our tailored support connects your vision with clearly defined next steps, implementation support, and technology tools to help you effectively reach your desired outcomes.”

– Dr. Angela Bost, VP of Partner Success

√ Strategic Planning Differentiated Academic Core New Administrator Support
√ School/District Culture Differentiated Behavior Core Conflict Resolution
√ IEP Auditing Evidence-Based Practices Leadership Team Support
√ Program Improvement Planning Behavior Supports Leading MTSS
√ MTSS Review Inclusive Practices Improving Other Academic Indicators
√ Accreditation Planning Data Literacy EL Services
√ OCR Support English Learner Success Scheduling for Success

Utilize a wide variety of resources at your fingertips

Let’s Go Learn helps education leaders draw from the expertise and experience of educators who have been successful at scaling implementation and achieving desired results. With a proven track record of success, our coaching team can provide executive planning, implementation, or operational support. We provide vast resources and examples to help you learn from others, by highlighting showcase districts and schools, facilitating partnerships with CASE, CEC and other national educational organizations, and suggesting best practices for your data culture and compliance. We also have a library of regularly updated content available on demand, such as webinars, demos, case studies, and in-depth white papers.

From the classroom to the boardroom, creating the conditions for success requires:

  • Knowing what to do
  • Knowing when to do it
  • Knowing how to do it effectively

Learn more and schedule a free consultation by calling us at 1-888-618-7323, or connecting via the QR code.

LGL Webinar—Improving Math Scores and Scaling Success

Let’s Go Learn provides a huge library of on-demand videos
from recent webinars and demos.

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