After School Tutoring

Address learning gaps after school with supplemental tutoring and progress monitoring.

Continue Learning Beyond the Classroom

After school tutoring programs and services can be a complex endeavor for students and educators alike. For students, the extended hours of instruction coupled with limited levels of engagement often associated with academic struggles can feel especially demanding.

Simultaneously, after school educators must find resources that support and enhance instruction already in place during school hours without duplicating efforts.

In order to provide the most beneficial services, tutoring professionals must accurately identify areas of focus and deploy the most engaging, personalized instructional material to build student skills.

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Assessment and Instruction Standards

Tailor Support to Each Student’s Unique Needs

Let’s Go Learn offers innovative web-based assessments and instructional solutions for students of all age groups. With data captured in the math and reading assessment solutions, instructors within after school programs can easily measure, monitor, and support learning goals. Let’s Go Learn allows educators to access detailed data reports that not only identify student strengths and gaps, but also provide insight into the reasons behind those results. This actionable approach enables tutoring centers to participate in the learning process, and provide research-based instruction to all students, regardless of skill level or support needs.

Leverage the power of data to ensure students have access to any additional support necessary to build foundational skills

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Key Benefits for After School Programs





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