Quickly provide data-driven personalized learning for accelerated remediation and compensatory education

Leverage granular diagnostic data to ensure that all students’ gaps are closed quickly

The power of Let’s Go Learn interventions starts with granular assessments

  • Assessments find each student’s zone of proximal development
  • Assessments are used by special educators for IEPs
  • Works for K-9 Math and K-12 foundation ELA
  • Supports equity for all students: MTSS/RTI Tiers 1 to 3
  • Research-based and proven to work
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DORA Summary Report

Better individualized instruction to support student needs

  • Personalized course for each student in ELA or mathematics
  • Superior differentiation saves times by laser-focusing on exactly what each student needs
  • Music, animations, and game-like interface ensure that all students have access to learning
  • Automatic or teacher-directed online lessons
  • Supports scaffolding for Tier 1 core lessons
  • Stand-alone intervention for Tier 2
  • Gap-driven, specially designed instruction for Tier 3

Ensure equity and access with actionable data and individualized instruction.

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