Quickly provide data-driven personalized learning for accelerated remediation.

Leverage granular diagnostic data to ensure every student has relevant, timely support

It’s not always immediately obvious which students need extra instructional support. It can be even more challenging to determine which specific areas across math and ELA require additional instruction or review. Educators know that providing the right support efforts, at the right time, can be critical for a student’s academic journey. In order to ensure each student has the most beneficial support services in place, Let’s Go Learn employs research-based diagnostic assessments to measure ELA and math skills. With access to granular data and actionable reports, educators can better inform learning plans, and provide the right instruction to each student, or cohort of students.

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Provide individualized instruction to support student needs

With deep insight into intervention needs across an entire classroom, teachers can plan for intervention groups, lessons, and services. Additionally, Let’s Go Learn’s instruction solutions, LGL Edge, allow students to automatically transition into powerful online lessons, informed by captured data to address the appropriate skills.

Each individualized learning path offers adaptive instruction for students of all age groups and skill levels. As students work within a program that rewards them frequently with positive feedback as they move ahead, teachers can monitor progress, repeat assessments to track growth and adjust learning plans.

Accommodate student needs with actionable data and individualized instruction.

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