Digital Literacy Curriculum

Online digital literacy lessons to prepare your students for a rapidly changing world

An unrivaled online digital literacy course

LGL DL Edge is an unrivaled online digital literacy course with 60 lessons that take a deep dive into future-forward topics:

  • Internet overview
  • Tech devices
  • Information data
  • Content creation
  • Communication
  • Safety, security, & privacy
  • Digital citizenship
  • Technology
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Students Demonstrating Digital Literacy

Why digital literacy is important and ensures equity

LGL DL Edge: Time to get
on board

60 engaging lessons with direct instruction and practice for whole-class, small-group, or individual learning

Get on Board the Digital Literacy Bus

LGL DL Edge: Serious play. Serious goals.

GOAL: Digital literacy taught the way students are used to learning today

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LGL DL Edge: Ready to integrate into your social and emotional learning
(SEL) activities

Lessons model:

  • Collaboration
  • Equity
  • Global citizenry
  • Self-expression
Ready to integrate into your SEL activities

LGL DL Edge: A deeper dive into technology

DL Edge Lesson Topic Number of Lessons
Internet overview 1
Tech devices 4
Information data 9
Content creation 13
Communication 11
Safety, security, & privacy 9
Digital citizenship 6
Technology 1
Digital Challenge 1

Preview the first ten LGL DL Edge lessons

Take a quick look below and see the depth of the content!

Lesson 1: Internet Basics

Your students use the Internet, but can they define these terms?

  • Browser
  • Pages
  • URL
  • Read
  • Refresh
  • Load
  • Update
  • Search
Web browser explainer
DL Edge Browser Types

Lesson 2: Computer Basics

What about tech acronyms and abbreviations? Do your students know what they stand for?

  • CPU
  • OS
  • SW
  • DT

Lesson 3: Mobile Phone Basics

Mobile phones are everywhere. 

But do your students know how voice, images, apps, and data get to a mobile phone?

DL Edge Mobile Phones Basics
DL Edge Network Basics

Lesson 4: Network Basics

Help your students understand network fundamentals and technical terms like these:

  • WiFi
  • Modem
  • Router
  • Ethernet
  • Cell towers
  • Data speeds

Lesson 5: App Store Programs

As Galileo would have said, “There are as many apps as there are stars in the sky.”

Your students will learn about app functions and app stores for different operating systems: Mac, Windows, and Android.

DL Edge App Store Programs
DL Edge Search and Browse

Lesson 6: Search & Browse

Do your students ever tell you they “can’t find anything” when they search?

This lesson has smart tips on how to search efficiently and effectively.

Lesson 7: Trust Validity

Help your students tell the difference between credible sites and those that contain fake news and false information.

This lesson will teach them the five steps necessary to identify credible information and data.

DL Edge Trust Validity
DL Edge Cloud vs Local

Lesson 8: Cloud vs. Local

After your students interact with this lesson, they will be able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of local versus cloud storage and astonish non-digital citizens.

Lesson 9: Content Types

This lesson will help your students understand file-naming conventions for different content types. This will make searching locally and in the cloud easier.

DL Edge Content Types
DL Edge Share vs Send

Lesson 10: Share vs. Send

Sending large files is a task that many struggle with. Your students will learn about the benefits of both sharing and sending and when to do which!

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