Personalized Instruction

Create a positive trajectory for each student with effective, data-driven personalized learning.

Provide instruction that inspires curiosity, excitement, success, and pride for each learner

For centuries, learning environments existed within the narrow confines of a teacher-centric, lecture-based pedagogy. All students received the same instruction regardless of skillset, learning style, or interest. Though dedicated teachers knew that the most meaningful, effective learning experiences were personalized, there were simply too many resource constraints to provide each student with individual instruction. Let’s Go Learn helps educators shift from a one-size-fits-all model of instruction to a powerful personalized learning experience that meets each individual student’s needs while supporting the classroom teachers’ current logistical constraints.

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Ensure students start the learning journey right—with granular diagnostic assessment data

From the outset, Let’s Go Learn employs research-based diagnostic assessments (DORADOMA, and ADAM) that measure over fifty subskills across math and ELA. This granular data determines areas of mastery, detects gaps within skillsets, and informs the areas of focus for Let’s Go Learn’s personalized instruction solutions.

With each student starting instruction in the appropriate zone of proximal development (ZPD), teachers can ensure long-lasting engagement and improved learning outcomes in the shortest possible time.

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Employ data-driven cycles of targeted instruction for every student

Immediately following diagnostic assessments, the Let’s Go Learn instructional solutions, LGL Math Edge and LGL ELA Edge, leverage powerful granular data to automatically develop a personalized learning path for each student. As students work through customized courses, they build upon mastered skills to develop a solid understanding of each new concept. The adaptive platform ensures each student works within the appropriate ZPD by providing a continuous cycle of instruction, practice, and knowledge retention confirmation.

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To keep students engaged with content, LGL Edge solutions use interactive, age-appropriate instructional support including songs, graphics, videos, and gamified concept reviews. Every lesson adopts deliberate, research-based pedagogical practices (see video) to create intrinsic motivation and reward students frequently via real-time positive reinforcement and feedback.

Lower the threshold for personalized learning, and operationalize enrichment, intervention, and instruction

As students work within LGL Edge, all progress is captured within the platform and instantly available for stakeholders to explore in an easy-to-understand, actionable data report. Teachers can explore shareable reports for an individual student or for the whole class, and use data to plan teacher-directed whole-class instruction or target skill gaps for scaffolding. With great access to rich, actionable data, stakeholders can leverage this information to monitor progress across IEPs, benchmark goal attainment, and inform conversations with parents about student academic growth.

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