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Support education initiatives such as easy flexible grouping, fast scaffolding support for core lessons, and progress and growth monitoring.

Meet national and local expectations for a
data-driven educational model

Due to ongoing national accountability measures, district leaders are legally required to demonstrate student growth and academic achievement in an increasingly data-rich environment. Furthermore, educators must ensure that all students are prepared to graduate high school and be equipped with the right skills to compete in a global economy. This shift demands that educators rethink everything from assessments and data analytics to technology integration and instruction.​

Let’s Go Learn provides a system of diagnostic assessments that map, in detail, each student’s individual math and reading skills, and employs captured data to inform complementary supplemental instruction. By leveraging each student’s assessment and progress data, teachers can inform district initiatives at an individual level, and accelerate each student’s achievement based on specific student needs identified within the platform.

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Math Reading
Diagnostic Assessments
Formative Assessments
Spanish Assessments
Personalized Instruction
Progress Monitoring
Fun & Engaging
Easy to Implement
Sample DORA Profile Report showing How to Assess and Adjust Mid-Year Academic Goals

Utilize technology to drive the academic success of all students

Each Let’s Go Learn solution was developed to provide academic equity for all students despite the diverse range of abilities within the general education population. The platform’s proven success hinges on its unique scalability, intuitive reports and dashboards, and easy implementation. In little time, educators can easily deploy individual student assessments or administer large scale universal diagnosis. Real-time reports of diagnostic data lower the threshold for all classroom teachers to develop personalized learning strategies, create student cohorts with targeted instruction, and determine the most beneficial content for whole-class instruction.

Engage students with personalized learning

As decades of research indicates, when students experience personalized instruction at their zone of proximal development, they are more likely to feel engaged, motivated, and prepared to succeed. Let’s Go Learn’s superior personalized learning technology, at its core, utilizes rich actionable data to drive and support personalized and small group instruction across every type of classroom. The Let’s Go Learn instructional system is rooted in cognitive load theory, and educational specialists have designed every lesson to meet student needs in foundational math and reading.

In just minutes, each student can access a web-based, diagnostic platform, and personalized instruction.

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