Homeschool Reading & Language Arts Curriculum

Online K-12 Reading and ELA Curriculum for Homeschool

Each homeschool reading or ELA lesson targets your child’s learning gaps.

LGL ELA/Reading Edge provides evidence-based lessons with instruction and practice that close learning gaps.

  • Our online curriculum uses your child’s reading/ELA placement results to assign lessons.
  • Lessons use songs, animation, color, and game-like interactivity to teach.
  • Our learning system tracks and monitors your child’s progress in real time.
  • Quizzes and tests are available at any time interval that you choose.
  • After your child takes quizzes and tests, the learning system updates your child’s curriculum.
  • Our ongoing progress monitoring and revised learning path ensure academic progress.
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LGL ELA/Reading Edge uses your child’s learning gaps rather than their age or grade to assign lessons.

LGL ELA/Reading Edge‘s lessons are always at your child’s learning level, so children at all ability levels get exactly what they need to progress in mastery of reading and ELA objectives. Personalized learning reports provide a variety of resource options for parents to support their children’s reading/ELA progress and achievement.

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LGL ELA/Reading Edge homeschool curriculum is personalized to each child’s reading and ELA needs.

LGL ELA/Reading Edge uses your child’s homeschool placement test to personalize their initial course, which is updated as they complete lessons and take quizzes and tests.

  • Every lesson provides direct instruction and practice that is perfect for your child’s learning level.
  • Lesson content is taught through animations, songs, graphics, and interactivity.
  • Lesson sequence reinforces newly mastered skills and concepts and deepens conceptual understanding and critical thinking.
  • Practice activities are highly interactive with immediate instructional feedback to correct and incorrect responses.
  • Viewable scores motivate your children to “play” until they get perfect scores for each lesson.
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Hispanic Mom and Boy in Homeschool Setting

Our homeschool reading curriculum is flexible so that it supports how you teach and how your child learns.

As your child works on online reading and ELA  lessons within LGL ELA Edge, all their scores are captured and immediately available in easy-to-understand reports. Parents can use reports and recommendations to help them create their teaching plans. All parents know that their children who are proficient readers will have long-term benefits in future education, jobs, or careers.  LGL ELA Edge offers homeschool parents personalized online lessons to support their child’s progress and achievement in reading and ELA.

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LGL ELA Edge Key Features at-a-Glance

Common Questions

Will LGL ELA Edge help parents close learning gaps due to the pandemic?

Yes! LGL ELA Edge starts with an extremely accurate homeschool placement test that identifies all gaps across a K-12 range for child student regardless of their grade or age. Then targeted lessons are given in a personalized course for each child. This results in effective and efficient closing of learning gaps.

Will LGL ELA Edge help my child, who is reading two grade levels below their grade?

Yes! LGL ELA Edge will because we use learning gaps at any level to identify the best lessons for your child. All children get their own customized course targeting their exact needs.

Does ELA Edge include grammar lessons?

Yes, there are grammar lessons at the K to 6 instructional levels. Lessons are selected based on children's initial placement so only children with learning gaps in this area will get these lessons.

Is LGL ELA Edge appropriate for children in grades K-3?

Absolutely! Because LGL ELA Edge uses our placement test to identify learning gaps regardless of grade level or age, lessons can cover what each K-3 child needs. For example, if a child has a learning gap in phonological awareness and in phonics, appropriate lessons will be in their online curriculum.

If one of my children has a learning gap in only a few areas of reading, do I have to use all of the lessons in the curriculum?

Parents can pick and choose lessons very easily. In this way, they can decide whether short-term or long-term online instruction is appropriate. Also, our quizzes and tests can help them decide how to design their child's learning.

Does LGL reading curriculum use the Science of Reading?

LGL’s Science of Reading supplemental K-12 curriculum integrates its key components: phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension strategies. Our LGL Edge Reading Series 3.0 meets key Science of Reading requirements, driven by our AI-driven system that creates unique instructional paths for each student using their performance on our granular reading diagnostic assessment. The end result is optimal learning accelerated by our innovative design — decreasing cognitive load while profoundly increasing engagement and motivation.
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