Special education students with disabilities need research-based tools for assessment, instruction, and progress monitoring. Diagnostic assessments should analyze each individual child’s standards-based learning gaps and present levels (PLAAFP). Education technology, or edtech, can be used to develop individualized education programs (IEPs) using narratives and standards-based data. A successful SPED curriculum is delivered using diagnostic assessments to assign specially designed instruction (SDI) for students with disabilities at the appropriate zone of proximal development (ZPD). This enables personalized, adaptive instruction to help students with disabilities become successful learners. As instruction progresses, standards-based formative assessments are used to provide progress monitoring, tracking student performance from the initial evaluation.

Edtech is an effective way of providing assessment, instruction, reporting, and narratives for classroom teachers and parents of students with disabilities.

On this page, Let’s Go Learn and its partners provide a library of blog articles to offer special education assessment and instruction strategies and best practices for everyone from professional educators and teachers, to tutors and homeschool parents. We welcome your comments.

Transition Curriculum in Special Education: 5 Hidden Gems

When it comes to special education and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), most people have a general idea of what it is. However, there are several lesser-known aspects of transition planning under IDEA that are worth exploring. Transition planning is a critical aspect of special education that focuses on preparing students with

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Special Education Tips and Tricks

Special Education Tips and Tricks Special education teachers play an important role in ensuring the success and well-being of students with disabilities. From creating a positive classroom environment to developing individualized education plans, these strategies help special education teachers provide the best education and support for their students. By implementing these tips, special

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Transition Curriculum and Career Readiness Software

Going Beyond the Transition High school transition courses play a crucial role in preparing all students for the challenges and opportunities of post-secondary experiences. Let’s Go Learn’s commitment to equity, inclusion, and achievement for all students includes a curriculum that supports a successful life journey for all beyond secondary school. Our Transition

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CEC Announces President Julie Bost

Dr. Julie Bost: Leading the Way in Special Education as 2024 CEC President-Elect The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) has announced Dr. Julie Irene Bost as the 2024 CEC President-Elect, highlighting her distinguished career and dedication to improving special education. With her profound expertise and passion for inclusive education, Dr. Bost is positioned

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Streamlining Special Education Procedures with Dr. Kevin Rubenstein

PD on the Go: Streamlining Special Education Procedures with Dr. Kevin Rubenstein Let's Go Learn recently interviewed an expert on streamlining Special Education procedures. As the President-Elect of National CASE (Council of Administrators of Special Education) and Assistant Superintendent of Elmhurst 205 in Illinois, Dr. Kevin Rubenstein is widely respected in the field

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Unleashing Excellence: An Exclusive Interview with the CEC Teacher of the Year, Dr. Kristie Jo Redfering

Unleashing Excellence in Education Education is a powerful tool that can shape lives, open doors to opportunities, and inspire greatness. Within the educational landscape, there are exceptional individuals who go above and beyond, dedicating their lives to unleashing excellence within their classrooms. Today, we have the privilege of interviewing the esteemed CEC Teacher

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Special Education Law—Perez vs Sturgis

One of the most significant special education court cases in several years has been decided by the US Supreme Court this week. The case, Perez vs. Sturgis, clarifies the circumstances in which a disabled student has the right to sue a school district for failing to provide a “Free Appropriate Public Education” (FAPE). Students

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IEP Accommodations

What are IEP accommodations? Individualized Education Plan (IEP) accommodations are an important part of individualizing a student’s education plan. Accommodations are changes made to enable a student to achieve learning in their own way. Unlike modifications, accommodations do not alter the learning expectations, only the manner in which the learning goal is taught.

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IDEA Law: Special Education Funding

“A growing body of research finds that states that have achieved both equity and adequacy see stronger achievement and graduation rates, which translate into societal savings in lower rates of crime, incarceration and welfare and higher rates of employment, wages and taxes.” (Forbes, 2019) IDEA and Special Education Funding IDEA and its

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Let’s Go Learn Attends Special Education Legislative Summit 2022

During the second week of July, 2022, Let’s Go Learn had the privilege of joining other special education advocates from the private sector to help lobby the U.S. Congress for special education needs during the 2022 Special Education Leadership Summit (SELS). Let’s Go Learn’s CEO Richard Capone and Dr. Kurt Hulett, formerly Let’s Go

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