Free Product Tours

Welcome to our Free Product Tour Pages!

Thank you for visiting our free product tour pages. Our goal is to provide you with bite-sized videos that will allow you to tour our system quickly and efficiently. Because education is a serious business, if and when you are using a real Let’s Go Learn account, we also offer free on-demand courses that will help you get the most from your LGL account. In addition, we have training videos in a format similar to these product tours, where you can pick and choose what you would like to watch. For multi-student school and tutoring account holders, we do offer live virtual training as well as live on-site training, although a fee may apply.

Let’s Go Learn solutions focus on solving relevant problems that educators and parents encounter.

  • Why is this student struggling to read?  
  • How do I identify math gaps when they are two or three years below a student’s grade level?
  • How can I automate remediation for students in reading or math?
  • How do I support on-grade students and students with IEPs equally?

If you have questions or need more information, please reach out to us by clicking the Talk To An Expert Button on the left.