Meet the learning goals of our nation, of your district, and of each student

Due to increased national accountability measures, district leaders are now legally required to demonstrate student growth and academic achievement. Further, educators must ensure that students are not only prepared to graduate high school, but are also equipped with the right skills to compete in a global economy. This shift demands that educators rethink everything from assessments and data analytics to technology integration and instruction.

Let’s Go Learn provides a system of diagnostic assessments that profile each student’s individual math and reading skills, and employs captured data to develop complementary supplemental instruction. By leveraging each student’s assessment and progress data, teachers can inform district initiatives at an individual level, and accelerate each student’s achievement based on specific student needs identified within the platform.

Utilize technology to drive the academic success of all students

Each Let’s Go Learn solution was developed to consider the significant constraints and challenges within learning environments. The platform’s proven success hinges on its unique scalability, intuitive reports and dashboards, and easy implementation. In little time, educators can easily deploy individual student assessments or administer large scale universal diagnosis. With deeper insight into diagnostic data, classroom teachers can quickly develop personalized learning strategies, create student cohorts with targeted instruction, and determine the most beneficial content for whole-class instruction.

Engage students with personalized learning

As decades of research indicates, when students experience personalized instruction and support, they are more likely to feel engaged, motivated, and prepared to succeed. Across every type of classroom, the adaptive technology uses research-based, individualized instruction, based on rich and actionable diagnostic assessments. Let’s Go Learn provides data-driven, effective learning solutions to meet each student where they are across math and reading skills, and provides instruction designed by trained educational specialists.

In just minutes, each student can access a web-based, diagnostic platform, and personalized instruction.