Reach beyond universal screening, to universal diagnostics

All students must participate in universal screenings to determine academic strengths and gaps. However, if assessment data indicates extra attention is necessary, and students fall within RtI Tier 2 and 3 categories, teachers must administer additional one-on-one diagnostic assessments for each student to determine the appropriate services and support. This is no easy task. Additional assessments are time-consuming and can cut into valuable instruction time for students and teachers. Further, many assessments only spotlight a need for intervention, but cannot provide insight into why a student is struggling or what steps to take next.

With Let’s Go Learn, teachers can provide all students with diagnostic assessments during universal screenings. Educators can accurately identify students in need, and diagnosis any challenges during a single assessment. Across assessment and instructional solutions, the platform provides the diverse classrooms of today with granular data to determine each student’s needs and allows teachers to truly individualize support.

Leverage assessment data into drive effective intervention efforts

The Let’s Go Learn platform produces narrative reports to describe each student’s strengths and weaknesses, so teachers can address the unique needs of students falling in Tiers 1, 2, and 3. With actionable data, educators can effectively integrate personalized learning, develop targeted small group instruction, and drive strategic whole-class learning. Real-time student reports allow teachers to adjust a student’s learning path, develop IEPs, and communicate progress with key stakeholders.

The platform’s instructional solutions, LGL Edge, offer innovative web-based lessons for students of all age groups and skill levels that adapt based on each user’s zone of proximal development. Teachers can also employ LGL Edge for flexible grouping or whole-class instruction, ensuring that students experience multiple learning environments and have the opportunity to thrive in each.

Effectively target student intervention needs and monitor progress across individualized support plans.