Elevate levels of special education planning

Let’s Go Learn provides expansive, detailed, and data-driven special education reporting that includes robust narratives specific to each child’s strengths and weaknesses across math and ELA. Reports offer diagnostic, educational data on each child, as well as guidance on the next steps and best practices for advancing each student’s unique learning path. These individualized and highly-detailed reports provide tremendous narrative language for busy educators responsible for drafting critical documents.

Support annual goals and short-term objectives

In addition to supporting robust reporting, the Let’s Go Learn system creates custom, annual goals, aligned to identified gaps. With Annual Goal reporting, the solution adheres to state and federal regulations while providing students with measurable, state-standard specific goals. Further, each goal is linked to a current baseline, and all goals are “appropriately ambitious” and within an achievable range for each child. By utilizing the Goal Reporting by LGL, educators can ensure a high degree of compliance and educational quality for each and every child with an IEP.

Monitor progress and meet compliances

Once annual goals and short-term objectives have been established, the LGL Formative Assessment Engine and LIVElayer Progress Monitoring System allows educators to assess each student’s progress specific to his or her goals. Unlike other approaches, educators can track student progress as often as frequently as necessary, and to a great depth of granularity. Let’s Go Learn ensures the highest degree of regulatory compliance and educational quality as you create real-time instructional data.

Access principal and leader training in special education

Let’s Go Learn equips principals and IEP leaders with all of the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the legal and educational challenges of the special education process. With highly engaging, in-person, online, and blended professional development opportunities, educators can customize the learning experience by choosing from a menu of professional development opportunities. Each user can choose from a wide range of modules, sessions, and lengths of time.

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