Prevent summer slide and support summer learning

Summer school instruction can be valuable for students in need of support services, but it can also ensure that students do not fall victim to information loss due to gaps in practice during the summer months. From the first moments of usage, Let’s Go Learn ensures students are focusing on building the right skills, and making progress throughout instruction.

By adopting this unique approach, Let’s Go Learn solutions allow educators to access detailed data reports that identify specific areas of focus, and also provide insight into the reasons behind those results.

This large urban school district saw 2-3 months of gain using the personalized learning solution, LGL Math Edge, as a summer intervention tool.

Quickly promote individualized learning

In order to provide the right support to each student, Let’s Go Learn immediately identifies each student’s strengths and weaknesses using a research-based diagnostic that measures ELA and math skills. The platform leverages granular data captured during assessments and instruction to inform learning, and ensures each student has the tools necessary to thrive.

Let’s Go Learn offers innovative web based assessments and instructional solutions for students of all age groups and skill levels. With data captured in the math and reading assessment solutions, summer school teachers can easily measure, monitor, and support learning goals.

Ensure students have access to data-driven instruction through the entire year.