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Automatic, personalized learning

With Let’s Go Learn, you can create personalized instruction that inspires success for each learner, as you differentiate curriculum for intervention, remediation, and enrichment.
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Today’s online learning landscape is a confusing sea of possibilities for families who need to provide instruction at home. Let’s Go Learn provides groundbreaking, personalized help to allow your student to succeed and find his/her path through this ocean.

A basic plan could look like this:

  • Assess a baseline: Get a baseline of where you student is, using Let’s Go Learn’s diagnostic reading or math assessments
  • Review the results: Check out the customized reports showing your student’s learning levels
  • Identify challenges: Use the data in the reports to identify challenges
  • Assign instruction: Assign your student a personalized instruction plan
  • Assess again: Assess your student again down the road to gauge progre
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Learn more about Dyslexia Screening today!

Let’s Go Learn allows you to measure and understand student math and reading skills with research-based, adaptive assessments. Then you can automatically build personalized learning paths from the data, creating the perfect supplementary curriculum.
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“…diagnostic assessments provide granular insight across multiple subskill indicators.”

Let’s Go Learn provides both math and reading assessments, from kindergarten through high school. As the company website explains, “diagnostic assessments provide granular insight across multiple subskill indicators.” Instead of having students do a summative assessment, which is really designed to measure whether a student is at level at the end of an instructional unit by using benchmarks, families should use a personalized, adaptive diagnostic assessments to determine where a student is already succeeding and where a student needs help.

Once the diagnostic assessment is completed online, families get a detailed report which transforms the assessment results into a roadmap for further, actionable instruction. Let’s Go Learn provides several options for assigning online learning based on specific assessment results, including the LGL Edge Math or Reading products.

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