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Four-Pronged Approach to Evaluate Products for Use in Special Education

In this next PD on the Go episode, Dr. Hulett provides a framework and four-pronged criteria for the selection of special education tools. He discusses the overall challenges of selecting tools that were developed and intended for general education students, as opposed to special populations. This framework and criteria are provided with the intent of serving as a guide and tool for making better decisions and supporting children with disabilities in K-12, special education placements.

Substantive Compliance and Endrew F

In this PD on the Go episode, Dr. Hulett discusses and explains the genesis and legal foundations of substantive compliance — arguably the most important principle in special education law today. With a quick explanation of IDEA 2004 and the Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District RE-1, he helps practitioners understand the importance and application of this essential requirement. In addition, he discusses the critical elements and components of the IEP that contribute most significantly to ensuring substantive compliance and avoiding FAPE violations. He explains the difference between procedural and substantive compliance, and why it is paramount that we primarily focus on the latter with regard to educational quality. Now, let’s go learn!

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