Easily measure student math skills with research-based, adaptive assessments

Let’s Go Learn’s diagnostic math assessments thoroughly evaluates each student’s mathematical understanding from K-7 foundational skill through Pre-Algebra and Algebra.

By employing revolutionary adaptive logic, Let’s Go Learn’s math assessments maximize the information obtained about each student while minimizing test-taking time and anxiety. The granular data captured throughout every assessment provides educators with a comprehensive picture of each learner’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as a prescriptive path for personalized learning.

Employ next-generation assessment technology to ensure accurate results

Let’s Go Learn’s age-appropriate assessment interfaces engage learners and make testing more fun and relevant. The platform’s adaptive technology was designed to accurately determine mastery or non-mastery at the skill level.

This means the assessment results can legitimately adjust content difficulty in our online instruction as well as accurately prescribe the next skills for each student to learn. These adaptations allow each assessment to measure a wide range of student abilities efficiently and accurately.

Access insightful, objective reports to inform planning your learning initiatives

Let’s Go Learn’s web-based platform allows school or district-wide deployment of assessments, leading to dramatic math score improvement, enriched math programs, and time and cost savings.

Individual student and classroom reports are instantly available for teachers and administrators to inform small-group instruction, objectively share results with parents and prescribe home activities, and easily deliver accurate measures of student progress and standards achievement to schools and districts.

Math Diagnostic Assessments


(Adaptive, Diagnostic Assessment of Mathematics) is a K-7 comprehensive, diagnostic assessment of mathematics.

Isolates students’ mastery levels across 44 sub-tests

Aligned with NCTM’s Five Content Strands

Numbers and Operations
Data Analysis

Aligned to Common Core, TEKS, and Other State Standards

Features oral reading of items to eliminate potential reading confound

DOMA Pre-Algebra

(Diagnostic Online Math Assessment) provides a detailed examination of students’ preparedness for entering Algebra I.

Evaluates 14 different areas of math knowledge

Focuses on prerequisite skills essential for Algebra I success

Integer Operations
Fraction Operations
Decimal Operation
Comparing & Converting
Estimating & Rounding
Evaluating Exponents
Ratios & Proportions
Simplifying Expressions
Coordinate Graphing
Linear Functions
Simple Equations
Interpreting Data
Simple Probability

Provides detailed evaluation of student preparedness during a critical learning transition period

Aligned to Common Core, TEKS, and Other State Standards

DOMA Algebra

(Diagnostic Online Math Assessment) evaluates skills taught during the crucial Algebra I year.

Evaluates 11 different areas of Algebra I knowledge

Determines understanding of key Algebra constructs

Evaluating Advanced Exponents
Solving Linear Equations
Graphing & Analyzing Linear Equations
Relations & Functions
Solving & Graphing Inequalities
Solving & Graphing Systems
Polynomial Equations
Factoring Polynomials
Radical Equations & Expressions
Quadratic Equations
Rational Expressions & Equations

Works well as end-of-course assessment, or to prepare for high school exit exams

Aligned to Common Core, TEKS, and Other State Standards