Evidence-based math instruction to rapidly boost math abilities and student achievement

Explicit K-9 instruction that targets each student’s foundational mathematics gaps

Let’s Go Learn’s data-driven personalized learning solution, LGL Math Edge, supports and empowers all educational initiatives.

  • Pull-out interventions
  • Supplemental lessons for rotational math stations
  • Automatic scaffolded support for core math classes
  • Deficit gap-driven SDI for students with IEPs
  • Evidence-based instructional math programs
  • Equity initiatives providing accessibility for all students
  • Family and student engagement programs
  • School and grade-level teacher PLC data support
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Actionable data built from a deeper understanding of math rather than a summative one

Let’s Go Learn employs research-based diagnostic math assessments that are grounded in a deeper understanding of skills, strategies, and concepts of mathematics, mirroring the ways math instructors teach students. Nearly fifty points define each student’s zone of proximal development (ZPD). These points place students within parallel instructional paths of scope-and-sequenced math skills and concepts. While lesser assessments use predictive algorithms, LGL does not guess due to missing data. Our assessments break math standards apart so that students get exactly what they need at the right level.  Thus, LGL Math Edge develops a personalized learning path for each student, provides individual prescriptive instructional plans for math teachers, and systemically leads to more effective math teaching.

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Personalized instruction tailored to each student’s mathematics needs

LGL Math Edge uses the same instructional levels identified during the assessment to generate an engaging, personalized course for each student.

Throughout each personalized mathematics course, the solution provides explicit instruction that is cognitively accessible for each student by using animations, songs, and graphics. Students feel engaged with properly leveled content and then reinforce newly mastered skills and concepts during gamified instructional practice. As students work through the various explicit and leveled instructional lessons, the responsive platform employs direct instructional feedback. If an answer is incorrect, a learner can understand why and practice the right steps for mastery.

Obtain transparency into each student’s learning trajectory and expand teaching opportunities

As students work within LGL Math Edge, all progress is captured within the platform and becomes instantly available for stakeholders to review in easy-to-understand, actionable data reports at the student, classroom, or school level.

Teachers can explore shareable reports for an individual student or for the whole class, and use data to plan teacher-directed whole-class instruction or target skills and concepts for scaffolding.

With easy access to diagnostic and progress-monitoring data, stakeholders can leverage this information to develop PLAAFPs and IEPs, or elevate conversations about progress during parent meetings.

Ensure mastery of skills with research-based instruction that adapts to skill gaps and provides practice opportunities.

LGL Math Edge Key Features at a Glance

Common Questions

Does LGL Math Edge work with student with IEPs?

Yes, it is ideal for targeted SDI or specially designed instruction. It will identify students gaps automatically and then create a course specifically designed for each student. The special education teacher can modify the course and decide when the student should use it.
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