ELL & Bilingual

Explore granular data across ELL & bilingual student needs, and inform specific instruction paths for each unique learner.

Target ELL & bilingual needs with research-based diagnostic assessments

Recent NCES data indicates that English Language Learners (ELL) make up nearly 10% of the student population across US public schools. Educators know that implementing ELL & bilingual student programs can drastically improve student learning outcomes, but it can be difficult to provide comprehensive, diagnostic assessments that identify strengths and gaps even within specialized classrooms. In order to ensure that all students attain English language proficiency and meet academic goals, educators can support specific programs with diagnostic assessments from Let’s Go Learn.

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Ensure ELL & bilingual students receive the right instruction at the right time

By utilizing DORA Spanish EDELL, educators can compare each student’s first language Spanish skills to developing English language reading skills, and effectively remove vocabulary biases that often lead to a misdiagnosis of student comprehension skills. The LGL math (ADAM) and reading diagnostics (DORA) accurately identify specific areas in which students may be struggling, and determine the best actions for instructional support. With data-driven insight into student progress, educators can ensure that ELL & bilingual students students concentrate on the most necessary areas to improve, and are on track for academic success.

Available in Spanish and English, Let’s Go Learn monitors students as they make progress in both languages.

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