Tours for Tutors

Platform Overview

See how the Let’s Go Learn platform can be used to support tutors in their work with individual students. There is also a paid option to rebrand our reports with your organization’s logo, if you so choose.

Diagnostic Assessments

See how teachers can use the detailed diagnostic reading data to help each student individually or in small group instruction. This data is appropriate for general education students, students in interventions, or students with IEPs.

See how foundational math is broken up into 44 sub-tests for unprecedented granularity to identify students’ specific gaps. This data can be used to assign scaffolded lessons to prepare students for upcoming group lessons, for teacher-directed lesson assignments, or for automated personalized learning.

Online Differentiated Instruction Either Automated or Tutor-Directed

See how the LGL Edge series uses music, voice intonation, animations, and more to help students fill their learning gaps quickly and efficiently. These bite-sized lessons zero in on students’ gaps and fill them in in a compelling and engaging way. Tutors can direct these lessons by assigning them or they can use them as a supplement to their virtual on in-person tutoring of students.

LGL Edge, data-driven personalized ELA and math curriculum

LGL Edge is a next-generation data driven personalized learning product in math and ELA. In this demo by Richard Capone, the CEO and Cofounder of Let’s Go Learn, Capone shows how the system works and why it is so effective. Being based on a granular diagnostic assessment in addition to using universal design best practices, LGL Edge can accelerate learning for at-risk and non-traditional learners. Music, animations, gamification, and much more are all integrated into the LGL Edge system which allows it to find and fill student’s learning gaps quickly and efficiently.