Let’s Go Learn Hosts Innovative MTSS Behavior Conference

Nashville, TN – June 2024 – Let’s Go Learn, a leader in educational technology, is excited to announce its upcoming conference, “Operationalizing the Behavior Core: Summer 2024,” scheduled to take place from July 8-10, 2024 at the Hyatt House® Nashville Downtown / Convention Center.

This exclusive event is designed to equip educators and school leaders with the tools and strategies to seamlessly integrate behavior systems into their Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework. Attendees will learn from industry experts and engage in hands-on sessions that will transform their approach to student behavior and success.  This conference follows the highly successful first event, building on the momentum and positive feedback from participants.

Conference Highlights:

July 8, 2024 – Pre-Conference (1-4 PM):
The conference will begin with an introduction to the behavior side of the MTSS framework. Participants will be introduced to the Core Behavior Assessment Tool, which evaluates the readiness of a school’s core behavior structures. By the end of the day, attendees will have the knowledge and skills to teach, determine, and implement core systems effectively, ensuring that these structures are applied with fidelity.

MTSS Conference

July 9, 2024 – Main Conference (8 AM-4 PM):
The main conference day will focus on interpreting data from the Core Behavior Assessment Tool. Attendees will delve into Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports, gaining a deeper understanding of appropriate data collection for Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) and Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs). This day will empower participants to develop supplemental and intensive interventions tailored to their students’ needs.

July 10, 2024 – Main Conference (8 AM – 12 PM) & Post-Conference (1-4 PM):
The final day will center on operationalizing the results from the Core Behavior Assessment Tool. Attendees will work on developing processes to move beyond theoretical implementation, creating robust and actionable programs of practice that can be applied in their schools.

Join us at the Hyatt House® Nashville Downtown / Convention Center for this transformative professional development opportunity. Whether you are a seasoned educator or new to the field, this conference is your gateway to enhancing your approach to student behavior and ensuring student success.

Location: Hyatt House® Nashville Downtown / Convention Center
535 Rep. John Lewis Way S
Nashville, TN 37203

Don’t miss this chance to pave the way for student success. Register now and become part of a community of trailblazing leaders and educators committed to making a difference.

For more information and to register, visit Operationalizing the Behavior Core: Summer 2024 Conference.

About Let’s Go Learn, Inc.

Let’s Go Learn is a personalized learning software company focused primarily on MTSS, special education, and intervention programming to support K-12 students. Over 20 years ago, Let’s Go Learn pioneered online, computer-adapted diagnostic assessments to determine the learning needs of each student. In contrast to limited screening tools, Let’s Go Learn’s platform quickly determines student deficits, needs, and causal relationships to help develop individualized learning paths for each student. Millions of students worldwide have benefitted from Let’s Go Learn’s assessment data, pin-pointed instruction, and robust progress monitoring. The platform is designed to monitor progress from interventions in specific areas, while building detailed reporting and data to support the development and tracking of IEP content and goals.

Media Contact: Richard Capone, 510-455-2098.

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