Upgraded Edge Personalized Instruction Software Accelerates Learning Over 5X

Kensington, CA, July 15, 2022—This month, Let’s Go Learn, Inc. (LGL) announced the release of Edge 3.0, a major upgrade to its personalized instruction platform. The LGL Edge platform is an online, supplemental curriculum for all K-9 students, featuring a rich selection of math and reading instruction inside a game-based engine which drives students towards optimal learning. The unique platform automatically builds a personalized learning path for each student based on diagnostic assessments, and then adjusts in real-time until the student reaches mastery.

Edge 3 Main Screen Selection

The LGL Edge platform, which originally debuted in 2010, was built on the premise that every student has a unique zone of proximal development, and through the use of software, each student receives an individualized curriculum to address their ideal learning needs. After an initial diagnostic assessment, students are intrinsically motivated with fun, animated lessons and rewards. Educators can utilize the prescriptive personalized learning, monitor an entire classroom of students, and modify the assignments as needed. Personal and differentiated instruction gives students their own path, builds confidence, allows 24/7 practice, and allows students and educators to monitor progress.

Let’s Go Learn’s CEO, Richard Capone, noted, “The LGL Edge platform uses the most advanced real-time personalization design on the market today. Advanced diagnostics map out each student’s gaps exactly upfront and then new data will update student’s paths as they receive outside instruction via other sources. This is because most students are receiving core and supplemental curriculum concurrently. The instruction is highly equitable as it uses music, animations, gaming-theory, and explicit instruction to cognitively support the most number of students and their preferred way of learning.”

Real-world use of the LGL Edge platform in schools has resulted in accelerated learning rates of 6X to 10X. This type of accelerated intervention is useful in reversing the learning loss documented throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Edge 3.0 has an updated student interface, automatic learning path updates without losing progress, integration with formative assessments, streamlined teacher monitoring tools, and the ability to progress past failed lessons. The English Language Arts (ELA) version of Edge 3.0 contains over 280 lessons, with 60 new digital literacy and 12 new advanced comprehension lessons.

LGL Edge 3.0 is available now at Let’s Go Learn’s website,

About Let’s Go Learn, Inc.

Let’s Go Learn is a personalized learning software company focused primarily on MTSS, special education, and intervention programming to support K-12 students. Over 20 years ago, Let’s Go Learn pioneered online, computer-adapted diagnostic assessments to determine the learning needs of each student. In contrast to limited screening tools, Let’s Go Learn’s platform quickly determines student deficits, needs, and causal relationships to help develop individualized learning paths for each student. Millions of students worldwide have benefitted from Let’s Go Learn’s assessment data, pin-pointed instruction, and robust progress monitoring. The platform is designed to monitor progress from interventions in specific areas, while building detailed reporting and data to support the development and tracking of IEP content and goals.

ADAM Diagnostic Assessment on Laptop Screen

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