By Onowa Bjella, M.Ed, and Alicia Atkinson, M.Ed, Let’s Go Learn Customer Success Specialists

We understand how important it is to be able to switch seamlessly between remote and in-person learning to support students, families, and teachers throughout the school year. Let’s Go Learn offers the opportunity to use data to drive instruction, reach goals, and ensure that students are getting the support they need, even when unexpected school closures arise.

The following best practices will ensure a successful testing experience:

1) Establish assessment purpose and expectations with families It is tempting to help students with questions, especially if they are struggling, but by doing so we miss an opportunity to help them with those challenges. Let’s Go Learn’s assessments are diagnostic, and when administered correctly will provide invaluable information for academic success. Many families do not realize that “helping” their students actually makes assessments harder and data invalid.
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2) Establish assessment purpose and expectations with students. Ensure that students have a clear understanding of expectations and ways to get support along the way. Model the assessment format beforehand; this helps prepare students for what to expect on assessments they may not have seen before.  Let’s Go Learn provides you with slide decks, scripts, and instructions that are ready to use through your school’s remote learning platform.
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3) Check the assessment for validity.If assessment results do not reflect what you already know about the student’s achievement levels (from prior testing or classwork), it is important to conference with the student to see if lack of effort or assistance contributed to the results. Reassess the student if necessary.

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