Did you know, in 2008 researchers estimated that the number of data bits surpassed the estimated number of stars in the universe? Since that finding, data has grown by a factor of 10 every five years. With greater amounts of raw data, educators have the opportunity to improve their use of data in their RtI/MTSS implementations or disastrously derail them if they misunderstand data or use it incorrectly.

To support you in this challenging new data-overload norm, Let’s Go Learn created a helpful guide The Crucial Elements of FAITHFUL Data. This guide is designed to provide a framework upon which to scale your organization’s understanding and use of data. It’s designed to be shared and discussed with principals, assessment review committees, or PLCs. At the very minimum, use the guide as a thought provoking assessment reflection exercise at your next data meeting. The guide can also be used to survey a team on why they think a particular assessment is used. The answers to this question are often surprising.

Elements of Faithful Data Snapshot

Click the screenshot above to view Let’s Go Learn’s helpful guide The Crucial Elements of FAITHFUL Data. This graphic PDF will provide your review team and yourself with a framework before implementing a new assessment, reviewing an assessment articulation plan, or for the training of new principals and process leaders.

For example, navigating student data is complex. It is critical that the community understands why data is valuable, how it is being used, and security measures in place. Solid data transparency leads to widespread trust, especially when reports for administrators, teachers and parents provide different takeaways from the same data.

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