Teacher Retention

Special Education Teacher Retention Special education teachers play a crucial role in addressing the ongoing teacher shortage and meeting the needs of students with disabilities. Their specialized training and skills are essential for providing personalized instruction and support to students with diverse learning needs. Retaining these teachers is important for ensuring that students

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Special Education Tips and Tricks

Special Education Tips and Tricks Special education teachers play an important role in ensuring the success and well-being of students with disabilities. From creating a positive classroom environment to developing individualized education plans, these strategies help special education teachers provide the best education and support for their students. By implementing these tips, special

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Teacher Time Management Tips and Tricks

Time Management Tips and Tricks Time management is a crucial skill for teachers to master in order to effectively balance their personal and professional lives. By efficiently managing their time, teachers can ensure that they have enough time for lesson planning, instructional time with students, grading assignments and exams, and providing timely feedback.

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5 Easy Tips to Support & Retain New Teachers

44%+ teachers leave education within their first five years (Council of Exceptional Children [CEC], 2021). What can you do to make them want to stay? Here are 5 easy tips on how to support and retain your new teachers this school year. Tip 1: Welcome the innovation your new teachers bring. Yes,

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