Dyslexia vs Dysgraphia

Dyslexia vs Dysgraphia Undiagnosed dysgraphia: The serious impact of the least well known learning disorder Just as dyslexia refers in general to learning disorders that affect reading proficiency, dysgraphia refers in general to learning disorders that affect writing proficiency: “At its broadest definition, dysgraphia is a disorder of writing ability at any

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What is MTSS?

What is MTSS? In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the commitment to ensuring equity and access for all students has never been more crucial. MTSS, or Multi-Tiered System of Support, is a comprehensive framework designed to meet the individual needs and support of the whole child. It integrates academic and behavior core, supplemental,

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Education in the Metaverse

The bane of many parents' existence is digital gaming, which seduces and captivates children when they should be working on their homework instead. The online games market alone is expect to reach $275 billion by 2026 according to EMR. But market researchers are forecasting an even bigger market for online learning, based partly on

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The Challenges of Virtual Learning

After speaking to many teachers it’s clear that teachers are trying to make virtual learning work, despite the tremendous challenges. In addition to the usual curriculum tweaks each year, teachers and administrators must contend with a variety of virtual learning challenges, including disparate parent expectations, enrollment challenges, educational equity for all students, internet access

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Hybrid Learning

As schools attempt to open back up this fall, one strategy to get kids back on campus is to conduct hybrid learning, during which students spend a portion of time on campus and another chunk of time at home using remote learning technology. Hybrid learning is a compromise, as the name implies, to

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Navigating Special Education and Remote Learning

In partnership with the National Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE), this week Let's Go Learn presented a webinar that shares educators' best practices for implementing remote learning in the context of special education. The webinar included discussion of the current environment, as well as a lengthy Q&A session for a panel of

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Special Needs Students May Struggle As Schools Close

Now that students are home using online learning strategies provided by their schools, new educational challenges are emerging. Schools are struggling to maintain equity with all students learning from home, with some kids requiring accommodations, special services, and English language help. Students with disabilities are likely to have some of the most challenges

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One State’s Efforts to Keep Learning “For All”

As shelter in place guidelines continue throughout the nation and schools gear up with online education, many states are putting out guidelines to help teachers and families understand what that online education should look like. Equity issues continue to be at the forefront of online education guidelines. Since it would be nearly impossible for

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Challenges of Providing Online Education

Challenges of Providing Online Education Preparing good online learning takes time. Most US K-12 schools have been pushed into online learning with no preparation and no experience. This means teachers who are facing the challenges of providing online education are suddenly trying to teach kids who have little experience using online learning. And UCLA

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First Steps in Online Learning and COVID-19

Schools around the world have closed due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. As of this week, all 50 states in the U.S. have some school districts closed, and 45 states have all schools closed. Edweek.org hosts a live, updated map of school closures which includes information on when schools expect to

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