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CASE Academy of Law & Leadership The New York Times recently highlighted a critical conversation sweeping across the nation – how we teach children to read. From school board meetings to statehouses, discussions and debates are on the rise, often accompanied by legal challenges concerning how best to address the needs of struggling

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5 Steps to a Successful ESY for Your Child with Special Needs Summer break is almost here, but for many special needs students, the end of the school year brings anxiety about losing hard-won skills.  Extended School Year (ESY) programs can bridge that gap, but navigating the process can feel overwhelming.  Here are

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Special Education Tips and Tricks

Special Education Tips and Tricks Special education teachers play an important role in ensuring the success and well-being of students with disabilities. From creating a positive classroom environment to developing individualized education plans, these strategies help special education teachers provide the best education and support for their students. By implementing these tips, special

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Streamlining Special Education Procedures with Dr. Kevin Rubenstein

PD on the Go: Streamlining Special Education Procedures with Dr. Kevin Rubenstein Let's Go Learn recently interviewed an expert on streamlining Special Education procedures. As the President-Elect of National CASE (Council of Administrators of Special Education) and Assistant Superintendent of Elmhurst 205 in Illinois, Dr. Kevin Rubenstein is widely respected in the field

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2022 California Special Education Leadership Symposium

On May 19, 2022, special educators gathered at a CASE Symposium in Southern California for a sold-out event to discuss current special education reform measures related to compliance and best practices. The California Special Education Leadership Symposium brought together administrators and directors from all over California to hear speakers on the latest legislation and

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Navigating Special Education and Remote Learning

In partnership with the National Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE), this week Let's Go Learn presented a webinar that shares educators' best practices for implementing remote learning in the context of special education. The webinar included discussion of the current environment, as well as a lengthy Q&A session for a panel of

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Special Needs Students May Struggle As Schools Close

Now that students are home using online learning strategies provided by their schools, new educational challenges are emerging. Schools are struggling to maintain equity with all students learning from home, with some kids requiring accommodations, special services, and English language help. Students with disabilities are likely to have some of the most challenges

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One State’s Efforts to Keep Learning “For All”

As shelter in place guidelines continue throughout the nation and schools gear up with online education, many states are putting out guidelines to help teachers and families understand what that online education should look like. Equity issues continue to be at the forefront of online education guidelines. Since it would be nearly impossible for

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