CASE Webinar Strategies to Motivate Students to Learn Math with Dr. Jordan B Smith Jr.

Educators must motivate and employ creative strategies, as discussed in the CASE webinar below with Dr. Jordan B Smith Jr., its time to make math an engaging and rewarding learning journey. Mathematics can evoke varied student emotions, with some finding it intriguing and others struggling.

Who is Dr. Jordan Smith?

In a world where perseverance and dedication define greatness, Dr. Jordan B Smith Jr.’s story stands as a testament to the power of passion and service. Graduating from the United States Naval Academy in 1976, he embarked on a 20-year career as a Marine Corps veteran, serving his country with unwavering commitment. However, his journey did not end there. Driven by a love for education and a desire to make a difference, he transitioned into the world of teaching mathematics. For two decades, he has nurtured young minds, instilling in them the magic of numbers and the beauty of learning. His educational journey led him to pursue a Master’s in Secondary Education from UOPX, followed by a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction, from the same institution. Dr. Smith’s expertise in teaching mathematics extends even further, as he earned a Master’s in Administration and a Service Credential from UOPX. His true calling lies in reaching out to those who have lost hope in learning math, inspiring them to believe in their abilities and find joy in conquering the subject.

Math Learning Obstacles at his school

In the bustling classroom of Dr. Jordan Smith Jr. at San Jacinto Unified School District in California, students with diverse academic journeys find support.  These students walk in with a crucial goal: to earn 20 to 30 math credits for their graduation. However, the journey ahead seems daunting as they battle against a lack of motivation and self-doubt in their ability to learn. The COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated their struggles, adding to the trauma they faced at home, where some had lost loved ones or endured difficult relationships with past teachers.  The challenge becomes even more intense as 11th-grade students, having joined Dr. Smith’s classroom just months before, must suddenly gear up for the state test, mirroring the expectations of their peers in traditional high schools.

Dr. Jordan Smith’s dedication to teaching math and inspiring students is nothing short of awe-inspiring, earning him recognition as the Amazon Future Engineer Teacher of the Year on May 9, 2023. His impact extends far beyond the classroom, shaping futures and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all those fortunate enough to be a part of his educational journey.

Unleashing the Power of Innovation

In Dr. Jordan Smith Jr.’s pursuit of better teaching strategies, he acknowledged that some past efforts did not yield the desired results. District diagnostic testing conducted twice a year, as well as online curriculum without direct instruction, failed to effectively engage students with varying learning needs and deficiencies. Close reading and thinking maps also fell short of connecting with the students in the traditional education model.  Realizing that engagement was the key to unlocking student potential, Dr. Smith’s team focused on revamping their teaching methods. In 2021, they applied direct instruction for the S back (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) test, tailored to enhance student performance without limiting the educational experience to “teaching to the test.” Math fun days proved to be a breakthrough, engaging students in interactive math games that not only changed their attitudes toward math but also made learning enjoyable with a sense of purpose.  These efforts contributed to significant academic growth, with both math and language arts achieving 33-point gains in 2021.   Traditional teaching paths could risk leaving 11th-grade students confined to math one and math two without exposure to essential content. However, Dr. Smith’s commitment to innovation and creativity suggests that he will continue to explore alternative solutions to ensure his students receive a comprehensive and engaging education, one that empowers them to embrace math and pursue their academic aspirations with confidence.

A Teacher’s Journey in Fostering Discourse

Driven by his love for teaching, he decided to put his insights into words, authoring a book that lays out 11 key strategies for student engagement and learning, with a primary focus on math.  Central to his teaching philosophy is the notion of motivating students to actively engage in math. Recognizing that mistake anxiety can be a significant roadblock for students, he emphasizes the importance of creating an environment where making mistakes is encouraged and even celebrated. By instilling a growth mindset in his students, he empowers them to embrace challenges and view errors as opportunities for growth and learning.

As he reflects on his teaching journey, one solution stands out as the most effective: student motivation and engagement. Dr. Smith understands that for students to truly excel in math, they must feel motivated to actively participate in class discussions and to take ownership of their learning. By sparking enthusiasm for math and creating a collaborative learning environment, he has witnessed remarkable transformations in his students’ attitudes toward the subject.  In a world where many students may shy away from math, Dr. Jordan Smith Jr.’s commitment to empowering his students serves as a shining example of how impactful teaching can cultivate not only mathematical proficiency but also the confidence and passion needed to tackle any challenge that lies ahead.

Driving Personalized Learning

In his pursuit of student-centered education, Dr. Jordan Smith Jr. found a valuable ally in Let’s Go Learn. Recognizing the importance of understanding and addressing individual deficiencies, Dr. Smith advocates for a collaborative approach where both teacher and student are actively involved in the learning process.  With Let’s Go Learn as a crucial tool, Dr. Smith encourages his students by involving them in the identification of their strengths and weaknesses. By having a sense of ownership and accountability, the students gain confidence in their ability to tackle challenges head-on. This collaborative team effort, where the teacher and student work together to bridge knowledge gaps, forms the foundation for the student’s academic success.  While the integration of Let’s Go Learn into the classroom may have started as serendipity, Dr. Smith’s proactive pursuit of continuous professional development, attending conferences annually, has led him to discover and harness the power of innovative educational solutions. With Let’s Go Learn as an integral part of his teaching toolkit, Dr. Smith ensures that his students receive targeted instruction and support, further igniting their motivation and determination to excel in their academic pursuits.  As he witnesses the transformational impact of personalized learning on his students, Dr. Jordan Smith Jr. continues to push the commitment to individual growth and empowerment that defines exceptional educators. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and allowing a collaborative learning environment, he equips his students with the skills, confidence, and determination to conquer any academic challenge and realize their full potential.

Empowering Students with Let’s Go Learn

Armed with Let’s Go Learn, he engaged his students with the dynamic and captivating platform, incorporating music, animations, and personalized diagnostic reports to provide targeted feedback. Through diligent field testing and implementation, Dr. Smith witnessed a remarkable transformation in his students’ attitudes and achievements. From a mere 0 to an astounding 85 students engaged in Let’s Go Learn, the results were undeniable. Individual success stories showcased unprecedented growth in math proficiency, with some students advancing a full year or more in just two months.