Challenges of Providing Online Education

Preparing good online learning takes time. Most US K-12 schools have been pushed into online learning with no preparation and no experience. This means teachers who are facing the challenges of providing online education are suddenly trying to teach kids who have little experience using online learning.

And UCLA professor Pedro Noguera addressed equity concerns recently when he told the Los Angeles Daily News that “relying on schools and universities to utilize virtual learning…places certain populations at a disadvantage,” namely kids who don’t have good internet access.

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“relying on schools and universities to utilize virtual learning…places certain populations at a disadvantage”

Aside from internet access, there are huge challenges for some kids using online learning. And this is where even schools with near 100% home internet access are really worried.

Teachers don’t simply provide content, but they provide physical structure for the class which is difficult to replicate online. They also provide one-on-one tutoring and mentoring to a wide variety of kids with a wide variety of challenges. Students with behavioral problems or language difficulties are very difficult to manage in an online class.

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How do parents help address these issues? First, create a baseline to represent your child’s current academic status, so you know where your student’s challenges and strengths lie. You can do this with good diagnostic testing, such as Let’s Go Learn’s reading and math assessments, DORA and DOMA, respectively.

Next, utilize comprehensive, personalized online learning such as Let’s Go Learn’s Edge products in language arts and math. The diagnostic assessments inform the personalized learning throughout the course, letting you gauge how your student is doing. Online learning should be engaging, rewarding, and personalized, and that’s exactly what the Edge products do. Through interactive lessons, games, animations and music, your student will make the most of online learning at home.