Standards-Based Testing

Comprehending Standards-Based Testing: Exploring Constraints, and Examining its Influence on Equity Traditional standards-based testing has long been the primary method for assessing K-12 students in the classroom. State standards provide a framework for teachers to instruct and students to learn. Administrators use temporary assessments, often provided by the states or other benchmark tests,

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How to Assess and Adjust Mid-Year Academic Goals

How to Assess and Adjust Mid-Year Academic Goals As we find ourselves at the midway point of the academic year, it becomes increasingly important to pause and reflect on the goals set at the beginning of the school year. Whether you're a student navigating the challenges of coursework, an educator guiding a classroom,

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Reading Intervention: Strategies for Parents

Reading Intervention: Strategies for Parents Reading interventions are strategies and techniques designed to provide targeted support to students who are struggling with reading skills. These interventions address specific areas of need, such as phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, comprehension strategies, and fluency.  Whether it is through extra reading practice, the use of reading materials

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Let’s Go Learn Launches the First Stand-Alone Online Digital Dyslexia Screener

What is the best dyslexia screener? Let’s Go Learn is proud to announce a groundbreaking online digital screener for dyslexia as our contribution to accelerating progress for struggling readers impacted by the COVID pandemic. According to Martinelli of the Child Mind Institute, “It is estimated that as many as one in five kids

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