What is standards-based assessment?

Standards-Based Education Requires Standards-Based Assessments In the United States, a standards-based assessment is a test that evaluates a student's mastery of standards for specific knowledge or skills. Standards-based assessments are the natural result of standards-based education, or outcome-based education, used in most state education departments. The components of standards-based education are standards-based assessment, standards-based instruction,

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What is a Professional Learning Community?

In education, a professional learning community (or PLC) is a community wherein teachers collaborate regularly to share questions, issues, and solutions within a particular work environment or school department. The term was first used in the 1960s to answer teachers' complaints that they were working in isolation, which stymied their growth and their effectiveness. PLC's

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What is disproportionality in special education?

In special education, disproportionality generally occurs in two primary areas. One, the over- or under-representation of children with disabilities in specific disability categories is of particular concern.  Two, the over-representation of students with disabilities in the discipline process is of considerable concern.  With regard to tracking disproportionality, school districts are most often tasked with the

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